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Laws That Govern Faith book - Sam Onuoha

Everything in the kingdom of God operates by faith. Anything that you get outside of faith in the kingdom of God is illegal. That is why faith is governed by certain laws. In the United States of America the currency that is used here is U.S. dollars. And how many dollars that you have will determine what you can afford in this country. In the kingdom of God the currency that heaven accepts and validates is faith. So how much faith that you have will determine what you can afford in the kingdom of God.

In this powerful series Sam Onuoha shows you how to activate your faith. You will discover:

  • Why is faith so important?
  • What Faith Is
  • Faith vs. Hope
  • Faith Bank
  • How Faith Comes
  • The Faith of Abraham
  • How to release your faith

Faith is your access to the power of God, not tears! Without faith nothing gets done!

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The Laws of Faith Package

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