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God's will for every believer in prosperity.

God takes pleasure in our prosperity, because He is glorified when we prosper. Every believer has a heritage of prosperity, because it is our birthright. Unfortunately, however, not all believers are enjoying kingdom prosperity. Why is this so?

Evangelist Samuel Onuoha says there are laws that govern kingdom prosperity. He says prosperity is a covenant that God is committed to fulfilling, as long as we keep our own part of the deal. He identifies these laws and promises that keeping them will surely yield good dividends. He goes further to put in our hands the keys that unlock the kingdom prosperity door.

Quoting extensively from scriptures, this simple-to-read book paints the picture of the good life God has prepared for every believer. It not only tells you it is attainable, it also shows you how to prosper God's way.

The Universal Laws of Prosperity Book

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