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Many have given and yet are still struggling. Many givers are the first to file for bankruptcy, foreclosures, repossessions and many things that represent poverty. And in prayer I began to ask God Why? And he showed me these 9 ingredients that are missing in prosperity. He said that many believers are not applying this missing ingredient in their life and therefore they are not experiencing the Prosperity that they want to see working in their life.

In this powerful teaching Sam Onuoha shows you how to apply these missing ingredients in your life. You will discover:
  • Nine most important ingredients that you must add to your Giving
  • How to develop faith for Prosperity
  • How to create a prosperity Atmosphere with the Presence of God
  • How to hang your Prosperity
  • How the Holy Spirit can help you to Prosper
  • The Power of Seed Faith
  • The right ways to give
  • And many more

Prosperity Missing Ingredients Book

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